10 Reasons Why Gift Baskets Make The Perfect Corporate Gifts

10 Reasons why gift baskets make the perfect corporate gifts

It is a known fact that happy employees lead to an increase in productivity. That is why companies worldwide keep finding ways to keep motivation levels high. Holiday gifting is rather popular, and companies often wonder what gifts to offer their employees and clients. A corporate gift basket may contain a combination of related products and can be a practical choice.

The flexibility of adding different times and customizing the gift basket adds to the popularity. Let us tell you 10 reasons why nowadays gift baskets are such crucial corporate gifts.

What does a gift basket consist of

Before moving further, let us understand what a gift basket hamper actually means. You can add anything to a gift basket. That means you can understand what your employees would like. Then just add similar products to the basket, and the gift is ready. Plus, these baskets can be conveniently wrapped and presented in a beautiful manner.

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The flexibility of adding things

The first reason why people choose gift baskets is that they can accommodate anything. You can modify the gift basket and incorporate any item in it. For instance, food products, cosmetics, beverages, chocolates, etc., are just some popular choices. You can customize the basket as per your need. If you are adding a beverage, you can change the shape of the inner tray. There are immense possibilities that you can experiment with and get a fantastic gift hamper in return.

Perfect for gifting food

Maybe you want to gift food items to your employees. In normal circumstances doing that would not be possible. However, with corporate gift hampers, you can do that comfortably. Plus, you can add different themes to your gift basket. Some common ones that you can pick are Italian themes, popcorn, wine with candles, etc.

You could also make a luxurious gift basket with chocolates, perfumes, and lotions. The choices are endless, and the durability of baskets ensures minimal spoilage.


When companies have to order gifts in bulk, they look for savings. Since the number of baskets required is more, they want a fair deal. If they go about giving all the products separately, the costs escalate. However, by ordering gift baskets, the pricing cuts down substantially. So the entire gifting process does not become a huge strain on your budget. Plus the employees get a variety of products instead of one, which is a big benefit.

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The corporate gift baskets you choose can be personalized as per the employee’s tastes. For example, you can give separate gift baskets to female and male employees. A senior team could get a different package as per the kind of interests they have. If you know someone who doesn’t drink, you can remove the wine bottle from his gift basket. Also, if certain employees have dietary restrictions, that also you could keep them in mind. On the whole, you can prepare a gift basket that is useful for all the employees and matches their tastes too.

Ease of gifting

Supposing you have created a gift basket of cosmetics. In that case, you can keep a few of them handy to give someone whenever the occasion arises. Like on birthdays and anniversaries, you can quickly take out one from your closet and offer it to the employee. This makes such gift baskets a rather convenient gift option.

If the employees have been working rather hard, surprise them with a hamper once the project is over. You just have to order a few extra gift baskets to ensure your employees remain pleased with your company.

A thoughtful gift

Gifting is always a controversial choice to make. Most employees would never like what their employers offer them. However, if employers choose corporate gift luxury, it shows their thoughtfulness in purchasing. It reflects the effort that the company has made in giving everybody something they would use. Employees are satisfied and feel appreciated after this gesture made by the company.

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Adds to the happiness quotient

Who does not want a cheerful workplace? Yet employees feel dissatisfied if you keep giving the same old boring sweet boxes or cutlery. They want something unique when it comes to their gifts. Customized gift baskets bring that smile back to their faces. They know the basket holds something relevant and luxurious. The entire environment of your office changes as the employees feel happy enough after seeing the surprise. Not to forget that this happiness would translate in the form of work results.

Bulk delivery at the office

If you are hard-pressed for time, getting those gifts delivered can be burdensome. But if you choose a gift basket India can be delivered in bulk to your office. From there handing over the gift to each person becomes super easy. Moreover, by doing so, you can disclose the surprise that you have planned. Plus, the personalized touch of giving the gift makes your employees appreciate your efforts.

Wrapping up woes

An essential aspect of a gift is its wrapping up. Especially when it comes to bulk purchases, getting all of them wrapped up becomes a difficult task. But if you choose a gift basket, then they are automatically wrapped up in an attractive way. You do not have to put in any effort to decorate them further. In fact, if you want, you can also customize the packing as per the person you will give the gift to.

Exciting to receive a gift basket

All said and done; a gift basket is fun to open. People are anxious to know what is inside the basket. That is a major reason why companies are looking for corporate gift wholesale services to handle this job. They can explore different items so their employees are satisfied and work harder. Eventually, the gift the employees receive must perk them up, which is what a gift basket can do.

Just the thought of opening a gift that holds a variety of goodies can impress the employees. Most of them just love the idea of it. They may even brag about their gift to the near and dear ones showcasing you as a caring employer.

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Summing up

Buying a gift basket for your employees and clients is an innovative concept. People realize the importance of giving a unique gift. That is why you must choose only trustworthy gift basket wholesale suppliers. The Ccraft Tree offers a variety of gift baskets and hampers to choose from. All the products are exquisitely designed and bound to get you spoilt for choice. Also, the baskets are sturdy, reducing the chances of them getting damaged during transit. You can add any kind of product and be assured that your employees will love the gift from you.



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