Serving Trays: Simple and Elegant Item For Gifting

A server tray or a server table can lend a sense of recklessness and fun to the ordinary measured flow of life – plan a mini-picnic on the sofa, the floor, or in bed for your own and your roommates. If you are a business owner and planning to gift your clients this season, you need to order wooden trays wholesale and start thinking of the possible ways it can help you as well as your customers.

Trays are a useful item that good homeowners have long used for serving sweets on the tabletop, as well as a support for various table decorations and drinks. You can eat with others on the tray without the table, transporting meals to the side table next to the TV. Coffee or tea is frequently provided in this manner, and romantic types can even bring a serving tray to bed to share a meal.

What are the different kinds of wooden trays?

Wooden serving trays come in a variety of styles. The style of hardwood, shape, and usefulness are all distinguishing aspects that set them apart. Some are made to lift a single item, such as cheese, while others, such as the brunch tray, are intended to carry a whole meal. Knobs and crevices for serving utensils are common elements of wooden serving trays. 

If you are gifting trays to your customers or even to the employees, you have to be very clear about their type before ordering wholesale serving trays.

The tray’s design might range from a simple plain wood form to an angled tray with grips. Commonly, the use is dictated by the style. Board-style trays are frequently used in stationary applications, such as presenting food on a buffet or serving as a huge mat for a coffee table. These are commonly referred to as self-service trays.

Some wooden serving dishes have multiple functions. A tray with foldable legs, for instance, can be used to transport objects or even as a breakfast-in-bed tray. A tray with curled upward edges might be a dining tray or a holding tray. A compact, flat serving tray doubles as a cutting board.

Trays with arms and a border are ideal for transporting objects. Items can be laid near the edge without fear of tumbling off at the smallest bump, thanks to the lip. This tray is commonly referred to as a butler tray.

Serving trays made of wood might be fresh, vintage, or antique. Trays, both new and vintage, are typically less expensive than antique trays.

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How can you use a serving tray?

Wooden serving dishes are elegant and ageless. Serving trays that are made of wood are a classic serving element due to their understated design and elegantly engraved handles. They bring culture to the modern table. The matte finish and refined style are more popular than one may assume.

When you serve on a wooden tray, it communicates your flair, mannerism, and refinement. The tray also makes guests happy since they feel accepted when they are served elegantly.

Hardwood trays have been used in Indian households for ages. They are extremely adored by homemakers. These are flat but arched from the edges, removing any risk of pots sliding off the side.


You should only use a hardwood serving tray for serving. However, it can also be used as an organizer. Purchase a medium-sized tray and place it in the kitchen or even on your workstation. You may keep all of your key stuff on the tray so that you can reach them out from the tray anytime you need them.

Display on a coffee table

Consider a Mahogany wooden serving tray with broad surfaces that are easy to maneuver. It keeps everything in order. While you can store your cookies and nuts container there, you can also stack your small planter, favorite book, and periodicals.

How can the customers take care of the wooden trays?

The everyday cleaning procedure is straightforward. Simply wipe your hardwood tray clean with a gentle, clean cloth, warm water, or a few sprays of the mild cleaning agent. When you’re finished, don’t put it in a closet; instead, leave it or place it somewhere where it would get enough air to dry.

The wooden trays themselves are a very beautiful and thoughtful gift. It is also very uncommon, as everyone nowadays is planning to give something that is contemporary in style. The elegance and authenticity of a natural product are diminishing now. On the other hand, if you are trying to gift the clients with some beautiful and useful stuff on the tray, it is a very good idea. 

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