Exotic Ways In Which You Could Use Wooden Trays At Home

Exotic Ways In Which You Could Use Wooden Trays At Home

We try to give our homes a classy look that leaves a startling impression. Whether it is the décor or the painting style, we improvise, so it looks gorgeous. One item that we all use in various ways in our homes is wooden trays. These trays are timeless, and the manner in which you employ them exudes elegance. Even if you have a contemporary décor, a Wholesale Wooden tray leaves an impact like no other. These exotic pieces of art remain in vogue and add a dash of beauty to your home. Let us read the various ways in which wooden trays for decoration could be used.

Use as a coffee table display

The look and make of a wooden tray make it ideal for a coffee table accessory. It is best to use trays with a wide surface so you can move them around. Here you could keep your cookies or chocolate box. Or any planter would add a distinct look to the arrangement. If there is space left, place a magazine or the latest newspaper. This could just make the wooden tray a popular piece of furniture, adding to the functionalities of your home.

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Obviously, that is the primary purpose for which you use a wooden tray. However, even when serving, you could make them look like stylish accessories. When taking drinks, leave space to place a bunch of flowers. Or, when carrying snacks, there is space to place a decorative napkin. Whatever you decide to do, don’t clutter, as that would totally spoil the look of the trays. You could buy bulk wood serving trays for that purpose.


Supposing your work desk is too cluttered and you want to get rid of that. Ideally, a wooden tray can serve the purpose well. Just buy one and place it on your desk. Now you could put all kinds of items that you think are overcrowding the desk. Or the same thing you could do for your kitchen. Small condiments and bottles can find space on it. The best thing is that you can move this arrangement anywhere without any worries.

Piece of décor

Many people find the wooden tray a suitable piece of home décor. There is a wide range of wooden trays design that you can choose from. For every area of your home, the trays could be employed, and a graceful look added. For instance, in the bar, you could use the tray to place some bottles, decanters, and martini shakers. This option makes that little space look stylish yet also saves your time as everything is available close by.

Similarly, if you are talking of a bedroom, your dressing area is perfect to fit these metal trays. Place your most used perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, and other items in that tray. If possible, keep it close to the mirror, as that tends to give it a stunning look.

Again in the bathroom, the wooden tray adds majesty. In turn, you could also use it to keep the creams and moisturizers that you need once your shower is over. This arrangement would serve the dual purpose of storage and adding grace to the bathroom.

For your creative pursuits

Any type of wooden tray serves best when you need to hone your creative skills. Whether it is painting or decoration with sparkles, these trays are amazing choices to play around with. Once you are done with the project, you can use the final piece for decorating your home. The Wooden tray wholesale you choose comes with a finish that makes it a perfect decorative item.

To keep the plants

The best thing about using a wooden tray for plants is that it controls the water spills. Wherever you place the tray, the planter will only add beauty and serenity. Due to the space constraint, however, you can only put small planters in the tray. For the best impact, choose trays with strong handles for this purpose. Doing that would give you the convenience of moving the planters if required at any time.

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Create wooden tray for hampers

In case you are running your own venture, the wooden tray can be used for product delivery. Items like soaps, cosmetics, chocolates, snacks, etc., can be wrapped in these trays. Since these trays are strong and durable, there is no chance of your gift getting spoilt. There is enough variety in the tray segments. You can customize them as per the number of items you wish to add.

Wall decorations

Need a less expensive idea to decorate your walls? Pick a wooden tray, paint and decorate it and hang it on that wall that looks empty otherwise. The best thing about this idea is that you can add as many trays as you want. Just incorporate a different style and decoration each time and hang them in a group or a specific pattern. Since they are long-lasting, you may not have to make any changes to the arrangement any sooner.

Book storage

Those who adore books do not read one book at a time. They have several running at a time, but there is always the chance of leaving them and forgetting. To avoid that, you can use a wooden tray for storage. Keep this tray near your ideal reading place. This would give you the convenience of having your books handy whenever you are ready. Plus, you can add as many books to this arrangement as you think suitable.

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People have a habit of collecting items that they proudly display for others. This could include trinkets, stamps, coins, etc. The wooden tray can act as a base to keep your displays. If the items are small, like coins, you could first keep them in a bottle or bowl. Similarly, if there are too many items, you can place more than one tray to showcase your collection. But ensure that you keep all the things in a place where the chances of them getting damaged are less. You would not want your hard work to get ruined easily.

Summing up

Wooden trays can be experimented with, and each time the look you get is unique. However, to execute the ideas mentioned above, you need to buy wooden trays wholesale. For this, you need a trustworthy source that offers a wide variety in one place. has exotic pieces of wooden tray that are created with ultimate precision.

The trays they make are visual masterpieces and are guaranteed to give your home a total makeover. With such a wide variety on display, it is hard to decide which to choose or leave. Plan your decorative ideas first before you go through their collection and grab the best pieces.



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