Gift Boxes: Changing The Image Of  HandiCraft Sector

Gift Boxes: Changing The Image Of  HandiCraft Sector

Gift boxes have been a part of the “gift-giving” tradition for hundreds of years. The presentation of the gift is as important as the gift itself and makes a huge impression on the person receiving it. Over the years, gift boxes have evolved in kind and design significantly. 

That being said, the market of gift boxes has also significantly evolved and transformed over the years. One of the most recent and popular trends is handcrafted gift boxes. Be it a business looking for bulk gift boxes as a packaging solution or be it corporate gift boxes for a specific event, handcrafted items are in demand and are greatly valued in the market. 

The Intrinsic Bond Between Handicrafts And Gift Boxes

According to studies, the Indian handicraft industry is the second largest industry, right after the agricultural sector in India. It employs approximately 40-200 million people all across the country and has an estimated industry value of over ₹15000-20000 crores, as per various reports. 

That being said, handicrafts and gift boxes are intrinsically related. As a matter of fact, handicraft is a steadfast pillar of the gift box manufacturing industry. At the same time, gift box manufacturing for both retail and gift boxes wholesale for commercial purposes aims to promote women’s empowerment and craftsmanship. 

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Gift box manufacturing also aims to enhance the role of artisans and improve their livelihood and standards of living. With a consistent rise in the demand for handcrafted and wholesale gift boxes, there has been significant growth in the market in India, with more and more people finding employment within the industry. 

Where Does The Demand For Wholesale Gift Boxes Stem From?

Ever since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses have resorted to the online platform. A lot of small businesses all across India are on the list as well. Businesses have been taking online orders from customers and delivering the products to them. Quite naturally, there is a need for proper packaging of these products. And, this is where the demand for bulk gift boxes stems from in recent times. 

Businesses are making use of unique, exclusive and exquisite wholesale gift boxes that are specially designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans. This is to offer their customers a personalized experience and take their brands forward by making a great impression. 

Not just that, the gift boxes market and the demand for gift boxes have been very consistent and thriving throughout the years. Not just for commercial purposes, bulk gift boxes are also needed during different festivities and occasions like birthdays, marriages, etc. Such events are celebrated quite frequently and by numerous people, which makes gift boxes an important item in the market. 

Along with all that, there is also the corporate gifting sector. It is one of those sectors that also need gift boxes wholesale. Corporate gifting is a major contributor to promoting corporate gift boxes and the entire industry of gift box manufacturing. 

About Gift Boxes And The Industry: What You Need To Know? 

In today’s time, with the advent and popularity of the Internet, everything is within the reach of our hands. Everything is accessible and we can get them with a few mouse clicks and strokes on the keyboard, or with a small device known as a “smartphone.” Gift boxes are not an exception to this as well. Be it corporate gift boxes for a corporate event at your company, or be it wholesale gift boxes for your business packaging purposes, whatever you need, you can get it from the comforts of your home. 

Nowadays, bulk gift boxes are not just available at brick-and-mortar stores. You don’t need to drive 3 kms to place an order for 200 corporate gift boxes. All you need to do is turn on your phone or your PC/Laptop. Gift boxes are easily available online and there are several e-commerce websites and dedicated marketplaces on the Internet where you can simply shop for gift boxes wholesale

Not just wholesale, but you can easily order them in small quantities as well, based on your specific requirements. Along with all that, the export opportunities for bulk gift boxes are also incredible in India right now. This is because Indian handicrafts are preferred and popular all across the globe and people love buying products handcrafted in India. To get something as exquisite as Indian handcrafted gift boxes for a corporate event or business packaging is something demanded all across the world. 

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Gift Boxes Materials

Gift boxes have evolved a lot in the recent past and are made of different kinds of materials. Let us take a look at the most common and popular manufacturing materials for gift boxes: 

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Leather
  • Cardboard 
  • MDF 

The best part about wholesale gift boxes is the fact that they are highly customized to meet individual customer needs and preferences. 

The most important aspects of the gift box manufacturing industry and the entire gift box market are the innovations and creative designs that manufacturers offer to customers. The expanding opportunities in the market are also directly proportional to these factors. 

About The CCraft Tree And Our Amazing Gift Boxes

The CCRaft Tree is a specialist when it comes to specially designed and curated gift boxes that are of the highest quality. We offer the finest products and a wide range of options with immense scopes of customization for both small quantities as well as bulk gift boxes

We offer a wide variety of materials and designs as well as a number of options including corporate gift boxes specially crafted for a corporate event. 

The CCraft Tree is led by women entrepreneurs who have created a niche for themselves by offering exquisite and contemporary designs. They have an endless range of highly versatile and diverse collections of gift boxes. All these gift boxes are easily available online through our website, in all quantities and at the most affordable prices. 

The CCraft tree was founded and is led by Nidhi and Sanchita. These two women are extremely creative with a natural talent and aptitude for the art of designing unique and innovative gifts and gift boxes. We have two primary kinds of products when it comes to our gift boxes collection. They are: 

  • Articles of everyday use
  • Decorative & Gift items

Exquisite craftwork blending intangible heritage and bringing it all to life in its best form is what the idea of The CCraft Tree’s business model is all about. Our leaders also provide the perfect gifting ideas, and the best possible craftsmanship to understand clients and deliver what they exactly require.


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