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How Can You Decorate a Wooden Box?

How Can You Decorate a Wooden Box

Wooden boxes and baskets are perfect options for storing jewelry, trinkets, or other types of small items which you want to store in a safe way. However, you will find many boxes in the market which have no perfect finishing. Thus, whenever you need to store your valuable items in a perfect-looking wooden box, you can try several methods to change the style of the box and make it your perfect storage. So, whenever you need to decorate corporate gift boxes or basket boxes wholesale, you can try painting the box in an attractive color, or attach a colorful fabric, or even a few attractive images to give the box a look that you actually desire.

So, here let us talk about the method through which you can easily decorate a wooden box and make it really attractive.

Procedures to decorate a wooden box

There are a few ways through which you can perform the job. A few of those are described here in a step-by-step process.

Method 1: you can engrave and stain a design

  • Step 1: Print out the design

First, you need to give the desired size to the painting with editing software on your computer. Now, print out a copy of that design. To create this design, you can either choose from different options available on the Internet or even make one of your own. 

  • Step 2: Use a carbon paper

In this step, you have to set a layer of carbon paper on the box where you wish to engrave the design. While doing this, you need to ensure that the darker part of your carbon paper can touch the wood, or else the image would not get properly transferred. Check that the carbon paper doesn’t shift around or move while you are transferring the design.

  • Step 3: Trace the outline

Now, you have to trace around the outlines of the design with a pencil and firm pressure. Ensure to cover the complete outline of the design, or else the design will not get properly transferred. You can lift up the corner of the paper one or two times to check if the design has transferred accurately. You need to give good pressure to transfer the design complete; however, make sure not to rip through the paper.

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  • Step 4: Carve around the design

After transferring the design properly, you should use the Dremel tool to carve the design on the box. You have to hold this tool like a pen and then press its tip into the wood to follow the outline of the design. After carving around the outline, lift the tool up a few times to blow away the sawdust.  In this way, you should carve out the outlines of the design completely.

While following this step, you can curve as deep as you wish; however, do not punch through to the inside of your box.

  • Step 5: Sand away the edges

Now, you have to apply a little pressure and remove the rough edges and areas of the wooden box with sandpaper. In order to not damage the design, you should work with short back and forth motions. Also, do not forget to blow away the sawdust a few times as well.

  • Step 6: Rub the stains 

After smoothing out the edges, you should pick up a specific color to decorate your wooden box. Then dip a part of a piece of cloth in that stain. Now, rub the stain onto the wooden box, and apply it by following the direction of the grain. Continue the procedure until the box has a uniform color. Now, allow the color to dry for several hours.

  • Step 7: Seal the box

Mix the wood finish with a stick properly to avoid the formation of bubbles. Now, dip the bristles of the brush into the color and use straight and long strokes on the surface of the box, and remember to apply an even and thin layer. Next, smooth out the finish and then leave it for 4 hours.

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Method 2: Attach a decoupage

  • Step 1: Paint with acrylic paint

To decorate your wooden box, you can use acrylic paint of your favorite color and paint the box. After painting, leave the box for 20 minutes to dry.

  • Step 2: Smooth out the paint

With sandpaper, you can eliminate all the raised areas of the paint. However, do not give excess pressure, or you may harm the wood. While using sandpaper, blow the dust off a few times.

  • Step 3: Print the image

Give your image the desired size to fit the box perfectly. After that, print the image.

  • Step 4: Apply decoupage glue

Dip your brush into the decoupage glue and paint a thin layer of the glue on your box’s surface where you want to add the image. Make sure that the glue doesn’t have any raised parts or bubbles.

  • Step 5: Attach the image

Now, set down the image carefully on the wooden surface and press it down. Push out the wrinkles or bubbles toward the edges and give the surface a smooth look.After that, just use a little pressure and set the image perfectly.

  • Step 6: Brush the glue over the image

Dip the brush again into the glue and apply a thin layer across the entire surface of the image on the box with gentle pressure. Then carefully wipe off the residue of the glue with a paper towel and leave the box for 24 hours.

  • Step 7: Rub away the edges

To rub away the edges around the image, you need to get a wet sponge and wring it out properly. Then gently rub it around the exposed parts of the part that you don’t need. 

  • Step 8: Apply acrylic varnish

Now for the finishing touch, you should apply a layer of acrylic varnish gently and allow it to dry for several hours. In this way, you can give your favorite wooden box the best look you desire.

Therefore, these methods can help you to decorate your bulk gift baskets wholesale or wholesale basket boxes in the most amazing ways. However, if you are still not sure what to do, you can contact The Craft Tree for some amazing ideas and suggestions.



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