Ideas for Charming Wooden Gift Boxes

Ideas for Charming Wooden Gift Boxes

Wooden gift boxes are fantastic gifting options. You can easily put those boxes anywhere and use them for storing different types of items. In some cases, several designs or colorful wooden boxes also match perfectly with your home décor, especially those houses which have some other wooden furniture as well. Thus, a wooden box can match different types of settings perfectly. Hence, you can easily go through several interesting ideas regarding bulk gift boxes and impress your loved ones.

Some people like designer wooden boxes, whereas other, may love the colorful and attractive ones. As you can store several things and complement your home décor with a beautiful wooden box, those boxes are becoming more and more popular. You can also use those wooden boxes as your corporate gift boxes as well.

Now, let us go through several ideas regarding beautiful and interesting gift boxes wholesale, which can be perfect gifts for anyone.

  1. An attractive box with a hinged door

These types of wooden boxes are made of dark and thin wood. The interesting thing about these boxes is that the lid of this box is not hinged, and it depends on a groove set-up. Thus, those who wish to open this box need to flip the lid and push it out. Though this is not the best thing to protect the box against theft, in it is secured against falling, and your belongings can be protected.

  1. A box suitable for an inspired chef

This is an interesting and attractive recipe box, which is covered with several depictions of grains, birds, plants, etc. you can easily turn this box into your little recipe box because it has two prongs and can hold up a recipe card. Thus, this wooden box can easily work as a recipe box for any aspiring chef who wishes to pay homage to his/her ancestors. This box can easily match the interior décor of any kitchen while giving a special touch. 

  1. The best wooden box to gift a writer

This unique box comes with a ribbed cover so it is secured and can be closed with a tab from one section fitting within a tab from another part. The notes are the special parts of this box. Without the notes, this box can also be used as a common wooden box. These are for those writers or creative people, who like to keep things organized, will always love these boxes.

  1. Perfect gift for liquor lovers

This is a box that is specially made for storing and carrying liquors. However, it can be used for several general purposes as well. Thus, you can easily gift this box to anyone who loves liquors and wishes to store those in an elegant way.

  1. An attractive Viking box

The wood of the Viking tree can easily hold a lot of artwork, and hence, the Viking boxes can be a perfect gift for anyone. This box can be sturdy and attractive, with a snap-on-it system for securing the things inside it. The top of this box has some amazing decorations which can survive many years. So, for those people who are looking for a durable and attractive box to store their valuables, this box can be the best option.

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  1. A perfect option for bee lovers

This is a light box, along with dark edges and rounded corners, while there are a few bees in the box. Those bees actually carry the slogan, “Bee Happy.” This unique wooden box has a latch, which can easily protect the contents of the box. So, you can easily use these boxes as wholesale gift boxes for those who love puns. These interesting boxes are small in size but can be a perfect gift.

  1. A good option for river lovers

The top of this box is decorated with a beautiful stream, while the banks are also clearly visible; thus, this wooden box can be a perfect gift for those who like rivers. This box can remind you of the beauty of nature. If you want to gift someone who likes to hike, hunt, or travel, this box is perfect for them. 

  1. For those who love the simplicity

This is a simple yet gorgeous lightweight wooden box, along with a beautiful design on the lid. There is a space where you can easily mention a special date or anniversary. This box comes with a simple latch, and hence, it can easily hold any small mementoes or trinkets if necessary. This box can perfectly match the décor of any room and can be a perfect gifting option.

  1. A box with a fun look

This is a circular and simple box with a fabric pull. You can easily engrave the name of the recipient on this wooden box. You can find these boxes in different shapes like circular, square, etc. So, if you are looking for a gift which can be special yet simple, and can stand out even in the most crowded place, then this box is perfect for you.

  1. A beautiful box to store memories

If you are looking for an interesting box, then this is the one for you. The thing that makes it really attractive is its lid. You can easily find this box in different sizes, and it can be used for storing and carrying different types of items.  Thus, you can easily impress your loved ones by gifting them this wooden gift box.

  1. A pine box that can be your bank

This box comes with a slit on top, and you can easily engrave the owner’s name and an important date on this box. You can easily store all kinds of spare changes within this attractive wooden box. So, with this box, you can easily manage and store all your changes perfectly and also use them whenever you need a little extra change.

Therefore, there are various types of attractive and useful wooden gift boxes which you can use as your corporate gift boxes or even gift boxes wholesale. However, if you are looking for some other options, you can contact The Craft Tree.



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