Why to choose The CCraft Tree As Your Ultimate Corporate Gifting Place

In ancient India, crafts and art were one—both synonymous, both an integral part of home, worship and everyday life, not segregated into gallery displays or marketplace commerce. – LAILA TYABJI

India’s crafts are as diverse as its populace. But just as the idea of India, we believe that craft has a diverse universe of opinions on what constitutes craft Products that are produced by artisans, either completely by hand or with the help of hand-tools or even mechanical means, as long as the direct manual contribution of the artisan remains the most substantial component of the finished product… The special nature of artisanal products derives from their distinctive features, which can be utilitarian, aesthetic, artistic, creative, culturally attached, decorative, functional, traditional, religiously and socially symbolic and significant.


The proposed definition of handicrafts according to EPCH –

“Item or product produced through skills that are manual, with or without mechanical or electrical or other processes, which appeals to the eye, due to the characteristics of being artistic or aesthetic or creative or ethnic or being representative of cultural or religious or social symbols or practices, whether traditional or contemporary.

These items or products may or may not have a functional utility and can be used as decorative items or gifts”.

The CCraft Tree is aiming to connect Indian handmade gift boxes to urban markets and global markets .Their designer boxes have ethnic touch with a global theme. The CCraft Tree huge collection is sourced different states of India with an aim to promote local artisans

What are the different categories of gift boxes that CCraft Tree provides?


You can get gift boxes, trays or gift baskets made of pinewood at CCraft Tree. The company being one of the leading wholesale gift packaging box manufacturers in the country, the services are never a disappointment. In the case of wooden gift items, going for pinewood is the best option. Pinewood gifts are excellent in quality. 

Agate and Resin

You can find an amazing agate and resin gift at CCraft Tree. The company offers a wide assortment of gifts that come under a variety of categories. So if you want to give your significant other something unique and extraordinary CCraft Tree is your destination. Professionals craft the handmade Agate and Resin gifts that the company offers at the company. Moreover, these gifts fall within the budget and do not put a dent to your pocket. 

Metallic gifts

You can find amazing metallic gifts at this company. You get to customise the gifts and packaging. It is the perfect place for people who want their gifts to be solid and enduring. You can have gifts which are durable in nature along with uniquely designed shaped metallic gifts. All the products manufactured by the company are made by utmost diligence. The team of professionals put in their creative work and never fail to surprise their customers. All the artisans on the team are very experienced in handcraft and metallic work.

Embellished gifts

You can find an amazing gift with embellishments from The CCraft Tree. Usually, people prefer gifts with embellishments which are likely to look good on caskets to hold jewelry. Moreover, people like to have jewel baskets with good designs on them. A little gaudy feeling would not hurt anyone! The CCraft Tree company provides a wide range of designs that clients can choose from as per their requirements. The specialized artisans of the company put in great effort to make sure they deliver their production perfectly. 

Wood and resin gifts

You can find perfect and extraordinary handcrafted gifts made of wood and resin mixture at The Ccrafttree. The company is one of the leading gift service companies in the company. The several gifts made up of wood and resin combination are very appealing to the majority of the clients. The company’s artisan team is very professional. They help design and develop high-quality handcrafted gifts from wood and resin. 

The company offers a wide variety of wood and resin mix gift collections. The products that they manufacture are always extraordinary and unique in several aspects. 

Corporate gifts

You can get extraordinary corporate gifts and packaging at this company The CCraft. A corporate gift box is quite different and tends to stand out from the rest of the gift items. However, such gifts can be meaningful and put a lasting impression between employees and their employers. Being one of the many leading gift box manufacturing companies in Agra, The CCraft Tree delivers what they promise. 

To Wrap Up

The company offers a wide variety of gifts. Clients are at liberty to choose from the several categories. Also, the gifts that they manufacture fall well within the budget of their target population. The Colorful Gift Boxes Wholesaler company also offers amazing delivery services within affordable services. 

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