Gift Boxes – The HandiCraft Sector


Indian Handicraft sector is the second largest employer after the agriculture sector in India .This sector according to various reports employs around  40-200 million people and appox size of the industry being pegged at Rs 15000-20000 crore.

Gift box manufacturing is aimed at enhancing role of artisans, promoting craftsmanship and empowering the women by actively engaging them in the manufacturing process.

Gift boxes market demand is consistent and thriving throughout the year as the there are festivities, birthdays, marriages etc being celebrated regularly. Corporate gifting sector is also a major contributor for promoting gift boxes.

Gift boxes are made up of various materials like mdf , wood , glass , leather etc and are customized to meet customers’ requirements. They are also available on line thru ecommerce website and various marketplaces on internet. They can be ordered in bulk or in small quantities. There is a huge export opportunities for export of gift boxes also.

The scope of expanding market opportunities is directly proportional to innovations and creative designs that manufacturers can offer to customers.

The CCraft Tree promoted by women entrepreneurs have created a niche for themselves by offering contemporary designs and having repository of diverse collection of boxes .There boxes are available online thru website .

The founders of The CCraft tree both Nidhi & Sanchita are amazingly creative blessed with art of designing most innovative Gifts & Gift  Boxes blending intangible and tangible heritage leaving you with loads of memories through their exquisite craftwork.They have an amazing reservoir of  gifting ideas ,their talent to harness best workmanship and to understand clients requirement makes them unique.

CCTree Gift  Boxes collection is classified in two categories

1.        Articles of everyday use

2.        Decorative & Gift items


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